By now, most people that keep up to date with tech news will have heard about the small $70USD 3D motion sensing controller by Leap Motion (make sure to see the demo if you haven't already) that is claiming to open up some incredible possibilities for the future of computer input.

In a nutshell, the Leap is a device similar to Microsoft's Kinect; it uses a pair of infrared cameras and some clever math to build a point cloud and detect hands + fingers + tools inside of this point cloud and return information about these using a simple API. Though where the Leap really excels is in speed and accuracy. This thing is fast, in my brief test on an i7 CPU and USB3 connection I was seeing between 2-5ms of latency, which is perfect for an input device and quite a feat considering the accuracy, which is right down to the millimeter level.

For a long time I considered this device to be vaporware (as did many others), but it is in fact very much alive and kicking, as evidenced by my acceptance into the developer program in mid December, and now the arrival of my very own development kit!

It is a lot smaller than I anticipated, and while I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet it is working as advertised (very precise!) and I'm excited to begin developing for it :)

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