For the first time in.. a while, I have had a sudden inclination to do some updates to HashTWM . So far I've mostly just done some cleanups and code style changes, but one major feature that I've just added is the ability to whitelist a few window classes and have HashTWM only tile those windows, as opposed to all (or blacklisting). I believe this was a feature suggested to me a while ago that I had misinterpreted (durr). Oh well it is finally done and is very useful :)

Just in time for the end of the world.

What's Next.

I have conceived many pet projects with the goal of replacing HashTWM in the long run, but I think that the best chance that HashTWM has is for me to port features from those prototypes back into the mainline.

The major features I will be wanting to add are:

Hopefully as my Windows laptop gets more use in the coming months I will be able to contribute more time to HashTWM. Thanks to everyone that has been following the project and still has an interest :)

Happy Holidays!

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