To me, one of the most annoying parts of prototyping a new web application is getting a presentable look and feel up quickly. When I'm prototyping stuff I love to have a good looking interface from the start, even if that interface will be changed before going live.

Recently, Twitter released a wonderful CSS/JS framework named Bootstrap for this exact purpose. As stated it is a toolkit "[...] designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites.". It combines an aesthetically pleasing base styling (based somewhat off of Twitter itself) of HTML elements with an easy to use CSS grid, great browser compatibility, and various optional Javascript modules to extend functionality of things such as Drop-down menus and modal dialogs.

As for the elements it offers, some of my favourites are:

Bootstrap is built on top of the LESS CSS preprocessor for ease of extending and integrating into your apps. Personally I found that the precompiled stylesheet was more than enough to begin with however, and I'm more of a fan of the SASS preprocessor anyway. The JS modules are also very easy to integrate with very little code needed to hook them up to their appropriate classes.

I jumped into Bootstrap shortly after its release, and have been using it ever since for my internal prototypes and eventual applications, including an application in the process of being deployed. Bootstrap played an integral part in getting that project complete under it's tight deadline.

Highly recommended to all!

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