Just whipped up a little script to colorize my org-mode todo lists for display via Conky. It's bound to be of use to someone so I thought I'd better share :)

Here's a screenshot of it in action, sitting in the corner of my desktop.


Source is below, to use, place ${execp /path/to/org-conky-parser.scm 30} in to your conkyrc. Requires Chicken Scheme, and remember to chmod +x the script first.

#!/usr/bin/csi -script
;; org-conky-parser.scm
;; Run an org-mode file through some regexes and output colors
;; Suitable for Conky.

; File to read, could be easily grabbed from argv
(define *file* "~/org/day.org")
(define *font* "Liberation Sans")

;; Code below

(use regex-literals)
(set-read-syntax! #\/ read-regex-literal)

(define ++ string-append)

(define (color c)
  (++ "${color " c "}\\1${color}"))

(define (font f)
  (++ "${font " f "}\\1${font}"))

(define *replace-list*
   (list /^(\*+)/      (color "#555555"))
   (list /(TODO)/      (color "#ffaa88"))
   (list /(DONE)/      (color "#aaff88"))
   (list /(TODO|DONE)/ (font (++ *font* ":style=bold:pixelsize=12")))
   (list /(<.*>)/      (color "#aaaaff"))
   (list /(<.*>)/      (font (++ *font* ":style=bold:pixelsize=14")))
   (list /(.*list.*)/  (font (++ *font* ":style=bold:pixelsize=16")))))

; Grab file contents into a list
(define *contents*
  (with-input-from-file *file* read-lines))

; Colorize a line using above regexes
(define (colorize-line line)
  (for-each ; Foreach regex/replacement
   (lambda (pair)
     (set! line (string-substitute (car pair) (cadr pair) line)))

(define print-colorized-line (compose print colorize-line))

; Print colorized lines
(for-each print-colorized-line *contents*)

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