Amidst my experimentations with livecoding I decided to purchase the amazing Renoise Tracker (and overall DAW) while it is on special (30% discount!). My intentions are to play around with Renoise to make music (online and off), and using the built in OSC and JACK support, coordinate the music using Fluxus, and of course be able to respond to it. I am also toying with the idea of using an Arduino or two as input devices. Fun stuff I reckon :P

For anyone wondering how to make Fluxus respond to the Renoise audio, it is simple using JACK:

; If I remember correctly you may need to connect the Renoise
; output to the Fluxus input using something like qjackctl first

(start-audio "renoise:output_01_left" 1024 44100) ; This will tell Fluxus to listen to the left channel..
(gain 1)

; .. and later in your render loop, using the "gh" function you can react to the sound
    (scale (vmul (vector (gh 1) (gh 2) (gh 3)) 0.1))

Pretty neat. Using OSC it is also really simple to control Renoise. First you will want to enable the OSC server in the Renoise preferences, and then you can use the following:

(osc-destination "osc.udp://localhost:8000") ; With the port you specify in the preferences
(osc-send "/renoise/song/bpm" "i" (list 120)) ; Set the BPM to 120
(osc-send "/renoise/transport/start" "" (list)) ; Start playback
(osc-send "/renoise/transport/stop" "" (list)) ; Stop playback

Next up is to get Fluxus working nicely with Emacs.. and I promise some more updates will come shortly (including the code I've promised) :)

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