As mentioned in a previous post, I have been using a Linode for the past few months and I just want to say that the experience I've had has been perfect. I purchased a Linode 512 and I'm using it to host a few small websites on a pretty generic Nginx + PHP5.3 FastCGI stack, along with MySQL and Exim (as a send only MTA), and the whole setup sits comfortably in 50mb of memory and seems to perform well too (time will tell, I haven't done any benchmarks). No special configuration has been needed other than setting up a basic directory layout for my BDSM project, which takes care of pushing my websites from my development box.


I would highly recommended Linode to anyone looking for a VPS, the support is amazingly quick, and the uptime is great; and if you use my referral link to sign up I can get some extra credits, so that would of course be much appreciated :)

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