Today I brought my LibOrgParser repository up to date with my local copy, for the first time in a while since I've been rather slack with my local repository.. but hopefully I got everything. The new version brings reading and writing functionality, as well as a new API, and the OrgQL utility, which lets you run simple SQL like queries on an org-mode file, thanks to the SQLite library. Queries that look like this,

SELECT ALL FROM /home/zanea/ WHERE heading CONTAINS todo

Oh and I found this image I made a while ago, kinda neat I think :)

Add OrgQL to that, and that's pretty much my todo list flow :)

Edit: Oh and while we're at it, here's a one liner bash function for opening links in a file:

function nav() { grep -ohE "[[:alpha:]]*://[[:alnum:][:punct:]]*" $@ | while read; do xdg-open "$REPLY"; done; }

# use like this
nav someotherfile.txt

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